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Traceability and Control

To deliver on our Food First approach, we have invested in building our own central food production facilities wherever possible and also formed close partnerships with other leading food manufacturers within each region in which we operate. This ensures that we control both the quality and range appropriateness across all of our retail brands.

We currently operate four central bakery facilities (in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia) that are the production hubs for our franchisees and other retail partners. Each facility meets international production and safety standards and produce a wide range of sweet and savoury bakery products.

Our food technicians have developed and use market leading recipes to produce products that are distributed either in an ambient or frozen (par-baked and freezer-to-shelf) format. We apply the same technology at our protein based (pre-prepared deli-type meals) production facility that operates out of South Africa.

Our mission is to not only provide customers with the best possible products but also to bring maximum operational ease and profitability to our franchisees and to our own corporate stores.

And if we cannot make it ourselves, then we utilise the expertise of our long-standing supplier relationships for bespoke or specialist products.
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